Image of Italian Dessert, with strawberries and sauce served at Ironside Pizza in Miami.

Nothing tops off a delicious meal better than the perfect Italian dessert. Whether you are a chocolate lover or like a less indulgent option, dessert is the reason we had to eat all our dinner as children. While some have it figured out, the clear majority haven’t caught on to the one thing that can […]

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Couple enjoying fresh Italian salads and organic juice served in Ironside Pizza in Miami.

Nothing says summer in Italy better than a fresh Italian salad, and that just might be why NOSTRE INSALATE is such a delight at Ironside Kitchen. Italian salads are notorious for their fresh ingredients. We may be in Miami, but we cherish our commitment to fresh and organic products. To homemade cured meats, mozzarella flordilatte, […]

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Image of a meat platter served at an Italian restaurant in Miami.

If you find yourself looking for a great spot to grab some delicious food you’re your family or group of friends, Ironside Kitchen Pizza & Café is the perfect spot. Serving up authentic Italian favorites like bruschetta, pomodoro fresco pasta and a large selection of delectable Neapolitan-style pizzas. Each and every dish is crafted using […]

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