cheese Ironside Kitchen

Italy produces over 600 different kinds of cheeses. The most renowned have the PDO status and bear historic origins, for example Pecorino Romano’s heritage dates back some 2,000 years. Surely the stories of all specific Italian cheese types are not crystal clear, yet there’s no doubt about the passion that creates these fine products loved […]


Ironside pizza homemade

“La pizza napoletana è una pizza da amare.” (“Neapolitan pizza is a pizza to cherish”). That’s the sentence I remember most vividly from my conversation with Peppe Miele, the president of VPN Americas, the Los Angeles-based official delegation for the Americas of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, a non-profit organization founded in Naples in 1984 […]


ice cream Ironside

This frozen dessert oozes with flavour, which is layered densely throughout. Its smooth and melt-in-the-mouth texture is drool-worthy. Gelato is undoubtedly a refreshing way to beat the heat with a range of flavours such as mango, chocolate, tiramisu, pistachio, blueberry, lemon or raspberry, among others. Every single bite leaves you craving for more, and it’s […]



Many are the theories that have been presented concerning the origin of the pasta product. Some researchers place its discovery in the XIII Century by Marco Polo, who introduced the pasta in Italy upon returning from one of his trips to China in 1271. On chapter CLXXI from the “Books of the World’s Wonders”, Marco […]

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